11 Jun 2018 - 12 Jun 2018 / Stockholm, Sweden
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11 Jun 2018 - 12 Jun 2018
Stockholm, Sweden
SCAPE 2018 Matchmaking

The Marketplace

The Marketplace enables you to list your offer and request items and to search for suitable business partners, as per the following items:

Product - you are offering a product

Service - you are offering a service

Partnership - you are interested in a business partnership

Project cooperation - you wish to form a project cooperation

Investment Opportunity - you are seeking an investment opportunity

Expertise - you are offering your expertise within a field

Request - you are looking for a specific product, service, competence, ...


You are able to add your Marketplace entries at the end of the registration process, once you access the participant dashboard:

You can browse through the Marketplace list by filtering the items in the Search field:


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Stockholm, Sweden

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